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Business Assurance

  • Do you and your business partners have the necessary co operation agreements in place and are they feasible?
  • Do you have the necessary buy and sell contracts and buy and sell life cover on each other’s lives?
  • Do you have liability cover to cater for any debt in the business if one of the partners become disabled or pass away?
  • Do you have the necessary provision to replace the expertise if something happens to one of your key persons?

Any company’s biggest asset is the people working to make it all happen.  Therefore, it is important to identify keypersons in your business and to ask oneself the question:  If some of them had to become disabled or pass away, what influence it will have on the success of the business. What will the immediate effect be on the business cashflow when business interests must be paid out to the disabled of deceased partner/director? Protect your business by insuring the lives of your business partners and key personnel.